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Esports Tower’s parents club offers a number of benefits to parents whose children are involved in our esports training programs, including:

  • Connect with other parents

  • Learn about the games they love & how to cheer them on

  • Finally figure out how to talk to your kids about their passion for play

  • Demystify collegiate & scholarship programs

  • Get tools to fast track your child’s collegiate applications

  • Discover 100+ careers within the $175B esports industry

  • Network with coaches and staff at Esports Tower

  • Find support & resources on issues related to gaming

About Esports Tower

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Going it alone can be confusing and challenging.
Ultimately, if you want to increase your child’s chances of success, you have to level up your understanding of the esports ecosystem. Our Parents Club is designed to do just that. We’ll provide the resources to help you support your child’s passion for play while ensuring they balance screen time, education, and a long-term outlook while mapping their gameplan to go pro.

Common Parent Concerns | Q&A With Esports Tower Coaches

Esports Tower Coaches Answering Common Questions From Parents (click to play)

Parents may not be familiar with esports and how it works. An esports parents club can provide educational resources and information on the esports industry, including different games, teams, and competitions.

An esports parents club can help parents understand what esports is, how it works, and what their children are involved in. It can also offer workshops and seminars on topics such as gaming safety, healthy gaming habits, and cyberbullying prevention.

An esports parents club can offer emotional support to parents who may be feeling overwhelmed or unsure about their child’s involvement in esports. Members can share their experiences, offer advice, and provide encouragement to one another.

An esports parents club can serve as a valuable resource for information on local esports events, tournaments, teams, and coaches.

An esports parents club can advocate for the interests of esports players and their families. They can work to ensure that esports competitions are safe, fair, and accessible to all, and may even lobby for the recognition of esports as a legitimate sport. An esports parents club can engage in advocacy efforts to support policies or initiatives that promote healthy esports environments and fair competition.

An esports parents club can organize volunteer activities that benefit the esports community, such as organizing gaming tournaments, providing coaching or mentoring, or supporting local esports organizations. An esports parents club can organize volunteer opportunities for parents and their children to give back to the esports community. This can include supporting local events, organizing fundraisers, and even providing coaching or mentorship to other players.

An esports parents club can provide a supportive community for parents who may feel isolated or disconnected from their child’s esports interests. They can share their experiences, learn from each other, and build friendships.

An esports parents club can be a great way to network with other parents who have children involved in esports. They can share information on teams, coaches, and competitions, and even form partnerships to support their children’s esports interests.

Experienced parents in the club can provide guidance and mentorship to those who are new to the esports world. They can share tips on how to support their child’s interests, manage their time, and navigate the competitive landscape.

Overall, an esports parents club can provide a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share a common interest in esports and want to promote healthy gaming habits and environments for their children.

If you have questions, you aren’t alone


Esports IRL | Parents Get In The Game

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It’s important for parents to research and understand the world of esports before allowing their child to participate in it. They should also communicate with their child about their interest in esports and set expectations and boundaries. Additionally, parents can talk to other parents whose children are involved in esports and get their perspectives and experiences.


Child Safeguarding & Welfare

We love gaming. We love inspiring success. We are adamant about child safety.

Most of us that work at Esports Tower achieved our success through hard work and perseverance. We leveled-up through esports going it alone, and now it’s our chance to give back, share what we’ve learned, and help leverage our connections to help the next generation of esports athletes. We do it because we’re passionate about play! More importantly, we take our role as coaches and player advocates seriously.


We also use AI tools and machine learning to monitor our platforms for bad actors.

“Phenomenal Foundation & Prestigious Coaches”

↑ Matthew “BURNS” Potthoff is a former professional esports player, who has attained the rare feat of winning a championship as a player, coach, and general manager. Potthoff served as the GM & VP of Esports at eUnited a top seated North American Esports Organization. Additionally, he was the MW3 FFA Champion & Former Professional Call of Duty Player. He now leads Gaming & Esports at PIVOT Agency.



Coaches work closely with players to motivate them, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and make sure they are playing at their best. They will develop gameplay strategies and analyze opponents. They will strive to improve the individual skills of the players, team, cohesion, in-game strategy, motivational responsibilities and discipline. Coaches often have careers by day and help students by night. Many career skills are learned while playing and coaching esports.


Starter Club is free to any player 13-19 years of age. They will gain access to play in the Esports Tower Recreation League weekly and attend skill-based coaching clinics monthly.


Premium members are placed on a team of comparable skill, assigned a coach and practice twice weekly. They gain access to our recruitment network server, workshops, and more.


Signature Clubs are designed for the hardcore player who is most serious about their esports journey and has the full support of their parents to play daily. It offers twice the coaching, VOD reviews, and support. We have an open waiting list and form teams based on demand.