What it Takes to Be a Esports Professional

What it takes to be an esports professional is constantly evolving.  Making the move from amateur player to esports professional is not easy, and the tier lists are certainly intimidating. This topic is often brought up in gaming because everyone wants to achieve their goals, make millions off their passion, and garner fame and glory. But in all honesty, the key is how satisfied you are with your position. One might equate “professionalism” with “personal success”, and what defines that success isn’t universal.

To break down more common aspects of a esports professional’s success, let’s talk about earnings. In my eyes, esports professionals don’t just train harder and spend more money on gear and travel but have developed experience over time. That experience and long-term dedication come through when you’re looking to gain. When starting a career, you begin at the lowest rank just like any other job, but that dedication, willingness to learn, time, and effort helps you achieve your goals. Being a pro does not necessarily mean making a lot of money, but in truth, by making any kind of money playing games, you have already gone further than hundreds of thousands of people. The reason and difference is a striving for success, the willingness to fail and get back up again, the desire to achieve those goals. Without that hunger for who you need to be, you cannot become that beacon of esports professional success.

It is important to remember that you are your biggest critic, and if you can make a few thousand and be truly satisfied, then you have achieved far more than the dissatisfied player grinding to the top. But in both cases, you cannot reach your “Top” without that willpower and grind. There is no consistent cap or minimum with money, followers, wins, or achievements. It is all up to the individual and their will to achieve their dreams.

In Conclusion

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