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Going it alone can only go so far. Ultimately, if you want to increase your chances of success, you have to level up your teaming skills.

Pick-up Games with Randoms are great when you want to kill time or let off steam, but great players level-up their skills scrimming with Reliables. Through teaming with Reliables, you’ll improve your communication, camaraderie, conflict resolution, working memory and collaboration skills; all lessons you’ll need to be a champion in game and in life.

Coaching at ESPORTS TOWER is more than a high-five, pat on the back, thumbs up, or even a nod of approval – we help build confidence by delivering distinct exercises to improve your aim, reflexes, and overall strategery while providing active advice during gameplay and insider tips and tricks to improve your game.  In team building sessions and video reviews, you’ll tackle problems together and create the synergy that delivers improved results faster than going it alone.

Our players perform better. It’s that simple. Structured training and skill development improve in game performance over time. Regular scrims put those new skills into action. In addition to aim training, VOD reviews, drills, and professional game analysis you’ll scrim against players at your rank or college level to help grow your talents.

Join a diverse community of serious players. Come together with like-minded, evenly-matched gamers to grow your abilities and challenge each other. Ask questions, get quick answers in our Private Discord group 24/7, monitored by our coaching team. Intentional team-building sessions create synergy and improve team success. Level-up in this supportive community whether you want to go pro or just rank-up faster.

College scouts have bet big on our players with their school budgets. For the 2021 – 2022 term, Premium Club members received $4,530,068 in scholarships – yeah, seriously! Esports Tower combines and special events that connect players to colleges and universities, offering both exposure to scouts offering esports scholarships and as part of our seasonal premium player club awards program, Esports Tower also offers scholarships that can be used for any school and any course major. While not every gamer becomes the multimillionaire many of our esports athletes graduate to have rewarding professions working in sales, marketing, merchandising, event planning, communications, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, computer science, web, graphic or game design, and much, much more.

Esports Tower tournaments were the first amateur club to have their events featured with professional teams and international media channels. If you’re looking to get noticed, we’ll provide the forums to get your game on and get seen. And for premium club members, we’ll even throw in some media training, gamer resume templates, and collegiate introductions too.

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Extreme Sports Mountain Climbing

After suffering a career-ending injury in baseball Wildz worked exclusively with ET and was  awarded $1.3M In Scholarships to play Rocket League

Adrift earned #1 highschool and #83 on the worldwide leaderboards.









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Every instructor has mastery of the game they train and attends the Esports Tower Coaches Academy.

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The Esports Tower Approach™ has 12 levels of soft-skill training building better communicators, leaders, and teammates.

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Your success is our success. You can attend free skill-building clinics or work with a dedicated team coach. You choose.

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Players’ performance is improved thru coaching. Our professional coaches will assess your skills and determine team assignments. Your individual skills, team cohesion, in-game strategy, motivation, and discipline will be improved, ensuring you play at peak performance.

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Scoring high in a solo queue feels great, but it’s no indication of how you’ll perform on a team and under pressure. Playing with Esports Tower prepares players for the path ahead.

Doc Haskell | Head Coach
Boise State Varsity Esports

Matt “Burns” Potthoff
GM & VP of Esports | eUnited

Nate Meeker | Dir of Esports
University of Akron

Russ Hamer | Dir of Esports
Mount St. Mary’s University

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