The privilege of participating at Esports Tower ought to be one that is accessible and kind to newcomers; a place where everyone who participates can compete without fear of retaliation, have a good time, and improve their abilities. In order to establish such a setting, each of us needs to accept individual responsibility for the way that we interact with the other players. We can ensure that everyone in our esports community has a good time by adhering to the guidelines that are outlined in the following paragraphs.

As a competitive player for Esports Tower, I must abide by the following rules:

  1. I will not use any profane language, nicknames, or other expressions that would insult other players, staff, or community members.
  2. I will not use language that refers to sexual violence or other forms of violence.
  3. I agree not to post, transmit, publish, or display harmful or inappropriate images that are threatening, obscene, disruptive, or sexually explicit or that could be construed as any form of harassment.
  4. I will demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during, and after every practice and competition.
  5. I will not disclose, use, or disseminate personal information from other players, staff, or community members.
  6. I will respect the game that is being played and keep my cool.
  7. I will respect the rules of the game being played and control my temper.
  8. I will strive to attend all the scheduled practices and competitions.
  9. I will always strive to uphold competitive integrity by performing to the best of my ability in practices and competitions.
  10. In the event that compliance is not shown, disciplinary steps will be implemented in order to address the problem. Actions may include, but are not limited to, warnings in verbal form, automatic forfeitures, and/or suspensions from participating in the activity. The staff will respond to incidents in a manner that the staff determines is appropriate based on the gravity of the situation.

Note – Serious offenses include, but are not limited to, assaultive behavior, drinking, drugs, theft, vandalism, repeated offenses, and gross insubordination will result in the suspension of play and or membership status.