How to Support Your Child in the Pursuit of an Esports Profession

How do I support my child when they tell me they want a profession in esports? This is a common request we get and a topic we’ll try to tackle here today.

Hi, thanks for visiting our site. You probably came to this article with many questions, and today we will try our best to answer as many as we can when it comes to your child becoming an esports professional. Esports as a profession has been one of the largest learning gaps for parents in recent sports history, and the generational gap can feel huge. But today we want to help you close that gap and learn as much as you can about what esports is, and how you can support your child in their pursuits while being realistic and managing expectations, so… shall we begin?

How to Approach Esports with Your Child

“You would support them in esports like you would support them in any other competitive activity,” says Kyle Trantham, the manager of content/music and lifestyle relations for Esports Arena. “If your child liked baseball, you would look into the local community for tournaments or leagues, you would try to get them the equipment they need to be successful, and you would do your best to understand the game they are playing. When I was younger, I wanted to play baseball, so my dad signed me up for little league, bought me a bat and glove, played catch with me, and told me how he thought I could improve.”

One of the first steps parents need to take is to assess their assumptions of what “sports” are. By treating esports like any other sport, parents can show their children that they legitimize their child’s interests. Validating your child and reaching out to say, “this is important to you, let’s do this together”, is the first step to supporting your child and their pursuits.

What’s Next?

The next step in supporting your child, is understanding the equipment needed in setting your child up for success in esports. Just like you would need to buy cleats and shin guards if they want to get into soccer, esports has its own set of equipment needed to play at the top of their game. Esports equipment can vary slightly depending on the game. From specific monitors to custom peripherals, esports athletes use equipment with various specifications. While this may be a barrier to entry for some, there are some entry-level options.

Community involvement is also extremely important in the path of trying to pursue esports seriously. To play in a variety of online tournaments, your child would need to be affiliated with a full team of players. It can be daunting, letting your child play with strangers, but here at Esports Tower we understand the cost of what youth athletics can be, and for just $5 a week, you can help bring your child’s dream to life through coaching sessions and a discord where they will be matched with other players of their same age.

Esports and College… Do They Really Go Together?

Yes they do! Varsity esports, while relatively new, is growing faster than ever. In 2014, Robert Morris University created the first varsity esports team in the US and the next year, University of Pikeville in Kentucky created their own varsity esports teams. Today, over 100 institutions have varsity esports teams. All over the US, schools are realizing the potential in creating their own varsity teams for esports. There’s even an emerging high school esports scene which will likely follow a similar growth pattern that varsity esports did. Here at Esports Tower we have helped our teen players earn 1.3 Million Dollars in scholarships to various universities as of August 2021.

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Other Benefits of Supporting Your Child’s Gaming Dream

Trying to become a professional in any field is difficult, and the same can be said for trying to become a pro gamer. While on their path to becoming a pro, there are many skills integral to their success, such as:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Being a team player
  • Organization
  • Performing Under Pressure
  • Independence
  • Decision Making

These are skills that, along with gameplay, are extremely important, and can help shape them into amazing people even outside of the game. In the right coaching and team environment, these skills are easily taught and learned.

In Conclusion

Take Interest

Offer to watch a pro match with them from time to time. Give them a ride to a local tournament. If an esports event is taking place nearby, go together. Get them a jersey to represent their favorite team. Understand and appreciate the dedication and skill it takes to be a professional gamer.

Learning about esports, for and alongside your child, will forge new avenues for connecting with them. Esports is a difficult sport to pursue solo, but with Esports Tower, we can provide the right tools and tips to help you make your mark.

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