Identifying A Safe Adult

Safe adults do exist. We all want to keep the kids we know safe. We teach them to steer clear of unmarked vans and free candy. We call ahead to talk with the parents before dropping them off at a playdate or a sleepover with a new friend. We might even study our local sex offender registry map to see which nearby houses our children need to avoid.

Although these are all great practices for keeping youth safe from strangers, the tough reality is that 93% of children who experience childhood sexual abuse are victimized by someone they know. In fact, many of those preying on vulnerable youth are people we’d never expect — people we trust to be caregivers, not predators:

  • A beloved coach of a youth sports team.
  • An attentive teacher.
  • A caring scout leader.
  • A charismatic youth pastor.
  • Even a dear family member.

Unfortunately, children and parents alike feel as if they can trust the adults in these important, privileged roles. Many times, predators and traffickers will pretend to be exactly the type of caring adult with which you want your child to spend time. They use the
trust they’ve built with you and with children to create a climate of isolation, control, and exploitation.
But if predators are so good at posing as someone who truly cares for children, how can we tell who is who?
First, let’s look at some characteristics of a Safe Adult.

What is a Safe Adult? Someone Who:

Genuinely cares for the well-being of a child.

Does kind things for a child without the need or expectation that the child will reward them with attention for their kindness.

Encourages a child to maintain and grow healthy relationships with friends, family, and peers.

Motivates a child to achieve their goals, without being overbearing or forceful with advice.

Makes a child feel safe and comfortable, respecting their boundaries.

Will alert the proper authorities or seek outside help if a child needs help or is suffering in any way.

But how can you tell if someone is truly a Safe Adult?

Here are some subtle but vital differences in behaviors that can be observed to differentiate between a Safe Adult and a Sexual Predator:

Is Esports Tower Team Comprised of Safe Adults?

Esports Tower requires all employees and independent contractors to be safe adults. Besides extensive and ongoing background checks from Sterling, the recognized leader in workplace safety. Our staff additionally attend training designed to keep them current on issues impacting children, cyber security, and digital safety practices.

Esports coaches are responsible for guiding and coaching young players in a competitive and often high-pressure environment. At Esports Tower, we take that responsibility very seriously as we know all our coaches, community managers, and program directions have the potential to influence the lives of these young players in many positive ways, such as by teaching teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship. However, if unchecked, these positions of influence can be harmful too.

To be considered a safe adult in the context of esports coaching, the coach should have undergone a background check to ensure that they have no history of abuse or neglect. Additionally, they should have received training on child safety and protection and demonstrated a commitment to the safety and well-being of their players. This may include implementing policies and procedures to prevent abuse and neglect and creating a safe and supportive environment for players to learn and compete.

Code of Conduct

Code of Ethics

Coaching Principles

Esports Tower is proud to Partner In Prevention with Darkness to Light and their affiliates Sharedhope International. Go to Child Safety Pledge, powered by Darkness to Light to learn more about cyberbullying and other ways to keep your kids safe!


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